PS4 Days Of Play Sale Arrives For North America, Offering Game Deals

The PS4 Days of Play sale has come again to North America, offering deals on multiple games and pieces of hardware to Playstation 4 owners across both the United States and Canada. The event, which runs from June 8 to June 18, will allow players to get some of the hottest games and gear at discount prices.

On the gaming side of the sale, players can get the new God of War game for $50, and MLB The Show 18 for $40. You can also buy Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Shadow of the Colossus for $20 each, and if you own a Playstation VR, you can buy three games, Bravo Team for $30, and Farpoint and The Inpatient for $15 each.

Since the PS4 Days of Play sale also deals with hardware, players can also grab a Playstation 4 Pro for 50 dollars off, paying $350 rather than the console’s normal $400. You can also buy a Playstation VR headset for just $200. You’ll also get the chance to buy Dualshock 4 controllers for $40, rather than $60. There’s also going to be a special Days of Play model of PS4 coming out, a blue and gold one that comes with a full terabyte of memory and a blue controller.

Various video game retailers are likely going to also be participating in the Days of Play, including Best Buy and Gamestop, though we don’t know yet what other ones are going to be coming in to participate. Hopefully all of the other retailers participating will allow more games to go on sale, so if you’re not interested or already have the ones on sale you can get others.

So, if any of the offerings that the PS4 Days of Play sale ends up tickling your fancy, you can pick up any of the games and hardware available for sale at better prices than you would ordinarily get.