Former Naughty Dog Designer Quentin Cobb Is Back At Sony, The Question Is Why And What?

The former Naughty Dog Designer Quentin Cobb has returned to Sony and the fans are wondering, which studio is he working with and what is he working on?

The Naughty Dog Designer Quentin Cobb is a prominent figure in the gaming community as well as in the developer’s fanbase. He is credited for Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us, both of which are remarkable games. Quentin Cobb left Naughty Dog back in early 2017 in pursuit of a better opportunity at Daybreak Studios, to work on Just Survive.

Now it seems like Cobb is back at Sony as Sr. Game Designer, in pursuit of better opportunities once again, the interesting part is where and what is he working on?

We came to know about this news of Naughty Dog Designer Quentin Cobb returning back at Sony, through his official Twitter account today. Where he only broke the news, without providing any details.

As he is unable to reveal anything about what project he is working on, as well as nothing about the studio, we unknown to the details.

When a fan asked him what studio has he been working on, he replied: “It’s good to be back!” and when he was asked about the studio he said it is a “Secret”.

When Quentin Cobb started, he was at the bottom of the developer chain, as QA tester for Activision. Eventually, the potential and hard work paid off and he moved up to key design roles in the multiplayer, of Uncharted 4 and The Last Of Us.

Since we are talking about The Last of Us we certainly can not move on, without talking about The Last Of Us 2. The Last of Us 2 is one of the most acclaimed exclusives in development and most of the fans are looking forward to seeing it at E3 since Sony has given its confirmation. So perhaps, Cobb has something to do with this one?

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