How to Register Garena Account to Play Ring of Elysium

In this Ring of Elysium Garena Account Creation Guide, we will guide you on how to create a Garena account in order to play Ring of Elysium. This account to similar to other Battle Royale accounts such as an Epic account for Fortnite.

The Garena account will be your online identity in Ring of Elysium and it will keep track of all your in-game stats as well. All in-game purchases will also be linked to this Garena account.

Ring of Elysium Guide

Ring of Elysium is the newest Battle Royale game to join this genre which is gaining momentum with every passing day.

With major developers such as Treyarch and Rockstar Games planning to introduce this mode in their games, many titles are already in the market.

Ring of Elysium is one such as Battle Royale and it has all the features which other Battle Royale games come with and one of them is the character customization.

Before you start playing, it is necessary that you must create an account and register yourself at Garena. Without a Garena account, you will not be able to join any game or log in the game client.

This account will keep track of all your in-game activity as well keep your purchases safe by linking them to the game.

Making an account on Garena is no rocket science. It is a very simple method.

  • Start up your browser and go to the site
  • Once the webpage loads up, click on the ‘Login’ icon on the top right
  • This will open up a menu that will ask for your credentials
  • In this menu, choose the option of ‘Register a New Account’
  • This takes you to the registration page where you must enter your details and fill the form completely

Once the form is filled, agree to their terms and conditions and click register now. You will receive a confirmation email in your registered email account. Once you have verified your account, it is all set.

You have successfully created an account at Garena. Now you can start playing Ring of Elysium with your new Garena account.

This concludes our Ring of Elysium Garena Account Creation Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!