World Cup 2018 Update Is Crashing FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch But There’s A Fix

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia has finally been released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch bringing the feel of World Cup to FIFA 18 with various new features. I have played the World Cup update on PS4 and it works just fine but there are reports that the new update is crashing on Nintendo Switch.

According to Reddit, many users have complained that their FIFA 18 crashes or freezes since they have installed the World Cup update. That’s not it because luckily the players affected by this bug have found a way to fix the issue all by themselves.

The bug is quite weird as the game runs fine if you play it with your secondary account. The game only crashes when you play with your main account.

To get rid of the crash bug, you will have to completely wipe my FIFA profile which is Personal Settings. This does not include the game saves as career/tournament/etc saves can be maintained by loading from the data option which comes from the data management menu in the game after creating your new FIFA profile.

We hope this works for you and helps you play the game without crashing again.

As for the World Cup update, it brings a lot of new content. You will get to play with 32 qualified teams and if your team has not qualified then you can also create a custom tournament and win a trophy for your country yourself.

Kick off mode is also available for a quick match and you will get to play in all 12 stadiums from Russia which are just like the ones you will see on Television.

Does your 2018 World Cup Update crash or freeze when you play it on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below.