Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Has Launched For Season Pass Owners Of Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 has been a massive success from the moment it rolled out and it exceeded everyone’s expectations. In just a month of its release, the digital sales of the game surpassed 2.5 million mark. Having said that, Far Cry 3 was also no strange to success and the fans will be happy to know that, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition has been launched for Season Pass owners of Far Cry 5.

It has been a while now since Far Cry 5 rolled out and if you have grown tired of slaying those cultists and wild animals in this game then you need not worry. You have a chance to return to the Rook Island in the Far Cry 3 Classic Edition.

So for those who own the season pass for Far Cry 5 they can lay their hands on this classic edition of the game. A new trailer has also been revealed, which showcases the exact amount of insanity that fans have known to find, in the original Far Cry 3.

As you may already know, the story of the game sees Jason Brody and his friends marooned on an island, where the deadly pirates have a stronghold. So the characters attempt to survive while finding their way off the island. Eventually, in the process, Brody learns the art of survival and shapes up to become a ruthless killing machine.

Among the most loved villains is Vaas and he is as ruthless as before. With all that said, there is something that you need to take heed to, is the fact that this Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is not a remake nor it is a remaster. It is simply a port of the 2012 version of the game that rolled out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Now Far Cry 5 Season Pass owners can have the opportunity to play this game on PS4, Xbox One and PC for no extra cost. So it is a win, win situation.

Not to worry, those who do not have the Season Pass, they will have the availability of this game by June 26.