Active Shooter, School Shooting Game Removed From Steam, Not for Content Though

Recently we came to know that Valve has pulled the plug on a game known as Active Shooter from Steam, that allowed the players to play as a shooter targeting students in some situations. Which is itself a pretty controversial topic of its own but apparently that is not the reason why it has been removed from Steam.

Active Shooter has been developed by Revived Games and published by ACID, the game was set to release next week on Steam. Unfortunately, the game drew a lot of negative attention and became quite controversial even before its release.

All the while, Valve did not say that the game has been removed due to the sensitivity of its setting, rather they said that the creator of the game, has a history of being problematic and controversial on the platform. To Valve he has come off as a troller and they certainly can not tolerate this.

A Valve spokesperson told that the company is removing the game from Steam saying,

We have removed the developer Revived Games and publisher ACID from Steam.

This developer and publisher is, in fact, a person calling himself Ata Berdiyev, who had previously been removed last fall when he was operating as “[bc]Interactive” and “Elusive Team”. Ata is a troll, with a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, and user review manipulation. His subsequent return under new business names was a fact that came to light as we investigated the controversy around his upcoming title. We are not going to do business with people who act like this towards our customers or Valve.

The broader conversation about Steam’s content policies is one that we’ll be addressing soon.

Apparently, Valve has its reasons to remove the game, there are others who think that the game has originally been removed because of its controversial nature. We all are aware that violence at schools is a very sensitive topic these days and a great many audiences, consider games to incite violence. So that itself is a huge debate and with such game, it only seems to complicate things.

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Source: Deadline