PUBG And Fortnite Are Not Cut Throat Competitors, Says Tim Sweeney

When talking about the success of Battle Royale genre, there are two games that none of us can miss out on, PUBG and Fortnite. The battle royale versions of both the games have penetrated the market head-on. Now while both games may seem like competitors to the community, the founder of Epic Games sees both not as competitors but rather as a single unit.

Recently it came to our attention that PUBG Corp is suing Epic Games for their game Fortntie allegedly for stealing PUBGs IP and idea.

In return, Epic Games has a whole different stance on the situation. They believe that the success of a one battle royale game does not preclude the success of another. In fact, since both of the games belong to the same genre they can certainly co-exist in the market.

The founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney specifically said:

You buy one brand of vacuum cleaner, you’re not going to buy another one, because you only need one,” Sweeney explained to MCV. “But with games, if they’re two great games, people will play both.

Further elaborating on his stance Sweeney said:

I don’t feel like products in the same genre are cut-throat competitors at all, I think they’re very complimentary and the work that we’ve done on Fortnite has benefitted PUBG and a huge array of other games,” he continued. “Namely the optimization that got us to 60fps on all console platforms, making the game work on mobile, all the streaming improvements and everything else required to support a game of this scale, it’s benefiting everyone.

If you guys would remember, this is not the first time, Bluehole has taken a step to sue any company. Previously they sued NetEase over two mobile games. Although this time it’s on a bigger scale because both Fortnite and PUBG are the leading Battle Royale games.

What will become of this litigation by PUBG Corp remains to be seen.

Source: MCV