H1Z1 PS4 Weapons Guide – Which Weapons To Use, Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Crossbow

Since the primary objective of H1Z1 Battle Royale is to scavenge weapons and use them to kill one another until only 1 is left, it is imperative that you have a weapon that is better than the other ones. This H1Z1 PS4 Weapons Guide will ensure that you always have the best weapon with you.

Our H1Z1 PS4 Weapons Guide will tell you about each of the weapon class in the game and will mention the best weapons for each class along with an explanation for each of them.

H1Z1 PS4 Weapons

The loot in H1Z1 gets progressively better as the game etches on. At the start, you will only be able to find a few handguns. Soon enough though you will start to see Level 1 Supply Drops and then Level 2/3.

This will allow you to get your hands on some of the best weapons in the game and then use them to crush your enemies.

Let’s go ahead and see which weapon in the game is better than all the others in its class and why that is the case.

Best H1Z1 Weapons


Pistols There are a lot of pistols in the game, but the best one is the M17 as it does a decent amount of damage during the early stages of the game.

Once you have other weapons, you should just keep the Magnum with you in order to take down vehicles as it can deal a lot of damage to them. Apart from that, using pistols will be futile.

SMGs The SMGs are good for close quarter combat. In H1Z1, the Hellfire is the only one worth picking as it does massive damage. You do not need to trade it in for another weapon either as it will be viable right until the very end of the game.
Shotguns Shotguns also work well for close ranged fights and can be good for early game battles when the opponents do not have a lot of defensive items and 1 hit can usually take care of them.

The Combat Shotgun is the most viable shotgun as it has an automatic pattern and does more DPS than the Riot one.

Although if you are planning to play extremely up close and are confident in your aim, the Riot Shotgun may work out for you.

Assault Rifles The best Assault Rifle are found in all supply drops. AR-15 is perfectly balanced for the early game. However, the KH-43 will be your best companion as you start nearing the end of the game as it has very low recoil coupled with good damage.

The Marauder is also decent due to its high damage but it lacks automatic fire and thus should only be used by those who are confident in their aim.

Sniper Rifles M40 Sniper Rifle is probably essential for your endgame as it has a massive range and will take a maximum of 2 body shots to kill an enemy. Beware of the bullet drop though as it will make you aim slightly above the enemy to compensate for it. It can only be found in Purple Supply Drops.
Lastly, both the crossbow with its explosive bolts and the MK46 LMG are not that effective on people due to the fact that it is difficult to aim with them, but they are very good for destroying vehicles and thus can be a great weapon for the designated vehicle destroyer of the squad.

That is all we have for our H1Z1 PS4 Weapons Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!