Fortnite Sold 5 Million Battle Passes On The First Day Of Season 3

It might not come as a surprise, Fortnite is the most popular game in the world, which includes those who are playing or even the ones who are watching others play it. Thanks to Epic games who has been supporting the game with in-game content and user-friendly experience.

Fortnite is available on all platforms and is free to play, still after which Fortnite is earning millions in a single day thanks to the in-game transactions.

Fortnite consists of Battle Pass which features exclusive items and emotes. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter revealed that the game’s season 3 pass sold a huge amount of 5 million copies on day one at $10 a pass which makes it $50 million in a one day which is mind-blowing.

In an interview with Games Beat, Pachter said:

You can play Game Pass forever by spending $10 once. It’s super smart, People are going to see that somebody has that hard-to-get skin, and more people will sign up for the Game Pass. Epic told me 12 weeks ago that the one that started 12 weeks ago, they sold 5 million Game Passes the first day. $50 million in a day? That’s a good business model. I think a lot of publishers are going to copy that and move to cosmetics so nobody complains about pay-to-win.

The game has one of the best implementations of microtransactions which is due to the fact you can complete all tasks in the season to earn enough V bucks which will allow you to get that item or enough currency to purchase the next month’s pass without spending any real money.

Other than the season pass, Shopping carts are coming to Fornite soon, so get ready for some more fun. You can use these shopping carts alone or with your buddy to roll into the battle.

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