Detroit Become Human Has Topped The UK Charts, God Of War Slips To Fifth Spot

The UK charts have been revealed once again for the week and after staying on top for five weeks finally, God Of War has slipped to the fifth place giving way to Detroit Become Human which is now on top of the UK Charts.

Detroit Become Human is the tenth exclusive title of PS4 and is now on top leaving behind games like God Of War and Far Cry 5. As for the sales, Detroit Become Human are slightly above than the 2013 title “Beyond Two Souls” by Quantic Dream. Heavy Rain is still the most successful launch title by Quantic Dream and sold four times better than their latest game.

Apart from PS4 exclusive, State Of Decay 2 which is an Xbox exclusive has taken the second spot which has 4,000 less boxed sales than Detroit.

The third spot is taken by the all-new remastered version of Dark Souls by coming so close to the other titles on top.

The biggest change in the UK charts after months is slipping of God Of War to the number 5 spot and surprisingly Fifa 18 coming above it due to the change in the prices of Fifa that increased game sales by 59% week-on-week making it come to the No.4 spot after dropping previously twice.

Other than that Overwatch has made a huge jump coming from No.40 spot to No.7 which comes after the price promotion which was under £15 at some stores. Destiny 2 has also returned to the top ten after the sales rise by 96%.

UK charts for week ending May 26th are as follows:

  1. (new) Detroit: Become Human
  2. (new) State of Decay 2
  3. (new) State of Decay 2
  4. (2) FIFA 18
  5. (1) God of War
  6. (5) Far Cry 5
  7. (40) Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition
  8. (13) Destiny 2
  9. (12) Fallout 4
  10. (8) Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

Are you surprised by God Of War dropping to the number 5 and Detroit: Become Human coming on top? Let us know in the comments below.