Battlefield 5 Maps Could Include Levels From Battlefield 1942

Some of the Battlefield 5 maps in DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter might seem a little familiar to players of DICE’s other game Battlefield 1942, according to a Twitter exchange between a fan of the games and Aleksander Grøndal, the design director of DICE. Since Battlefield 1942 is his favorite game, he said we might see some maps from there.

This includes maps of famous World War 2 battles like D-Day or the Battle of El-Alamein, which could definitely be good battles, being either a wide-open area with lots of room for tanks, vehicles, and planes, or an all-or-nothing brawl with attackers going up against a heavily fortified defending team.

And that’s not all of the different maps we’ll be getting; with all of the different distinctive battles that happened in World War 2, there are a lot of different areas that players could visit over the course of the game’s multiplayer, especially given all of the different factions that will be included in the game.

DICE re-using maps isn’t anything new: Wake Island, a different Battlefield 1942 map, has been reused multiple times in other DICE games, so it’s likely that we’ll be getting something similar in Battlefield 5, especially since both it and Battlefield 1942 are World War 2 games.

Grøndal said that he wouldn’t say any more after saying that Battlefield 1942 was his favorite game, but saying that at all at least means that we’ll hopefully be getting a lot of familiar Battlefield 5 maps that have been in other Battlefield World War 2 games in the past.

Battlefield 5 will be coming out on October 21 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, but we’ll likely find out what sorts of Battlefield 5 maps we’ll be getting sometime in the future, either at E3 or some other time before the game releases. Either way, hopefully we’ll get a lot of cool maps in the game.