Cody Is Back As A Mayor In Street Fighter 5, Gameplay Trailer Released

Cody is coming back to Street Fighter 5 as a part of the season 3 and is taking over as a new Metro City Mayor which was revealed in a gameplay trailer live to a captive Combo Breaker crowd on Saturday.

Capcom has confirmed in a recent Tweet that Cody will join the roster of Street Fighter 5 and make his debut on June 26.

The gameplay trailer introduces him as a new mayor of Metro city. After a phone call, Cody finds himself taking on a competition and you might have recognized the person in the video already, as he’s being played by a famous wrestling superstar in Japan that is none other than Kenny Omega.

After that, the video shows Cody throwing punches, counters, throws, and kicks which together make a nice set combo to defeat your opponents.

We are also going to get some alternates skins for Cody including story costume, Battle costume, Nostalgia costume and final fight costume.