Report: Rocksteady’s Next Game Features “Games As a Service” Elements

Rocksteady’s next game is believed to be Superman but whatever it is, it is going to feature live service elements. According to the LinkedIn profile of one Zach Pond, he contributed to an unannounced Rocksteady game and worked on “digital product management and live planning.”

Zach started working for London based Rocksteady studio (creator of Batman Arkham series) as Director, Project Management in March 2018 – present. In his profile, he talked about boosting Injustice 2’s in-game purchases revenue to $5 million through consumables. He also helped bring in an “additional $8M to the Shadow of War in-game economy through the incorporation of consumables and VC.”

This is a strong indication that Rocksteady’s Next game may feature a live service model and in-game microtransactions. How intrusive these purchases are remains to be seen.

As I mentioned above, rumor has it that Rocksteady’s next game is Superman and it is set within the Arkhamverse. WB handing the project to Rocksteady makes sense as the developer did an exceptional job with Arkham games. As far as rumors go, here is a bucket load of them:

  • Story will jump from Clark to Superman
  • Kent isn’t a playable character
  • Smaller villains will lead to the main
  • No destructible¬†environments
  • Easter Eggs to the events of Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight released back in 2015 so it is about time we see something from the studio. Since E3 2018 is right around the corner, we may see Rocksteady’s Superman at the event, which is a fair assumption to make at this point.

We will know more about the next project from the studio soon enough.