Detroit: Become Human Broken Walkthrough Guide – 100% Flowchart Completion

The Detroit: Become Human Broken Walkthrough Guide is for achieving a 100% completion score in ‘Broken’ chapter of Detroit: Become Human. See for yourself what choice results in what consequence and the unique ending it triggers.

Detroit: Become Human Broken Walkthrough

To take all possible routes in this chapter of the game, you will need to play through twice to trigger two different endings.

There is only a single objective in this chapter and one that will branch out only towards the very end to give two different conclusions to the chapter.

After pouring out a glass of scotch for your master Carl, you will be asked by him to head to a studio. Choosing to go alone or with Carl in his wheelchair does not matter.

Carl will eventually show up even if you went all alone. In the studio, Carl will eventually get into an argument with his son, Leo.

Leo will then become cross at you for telling him to leave. He will then deliver some hits. During this, you will be able to operate the Mind’s Palace and become a deviant.

It is here that you have to choose from two possible choices upon Carl’s command. He orders you to take the beating from Leo. You can either obey or decline this command. No matter what you chose, the fate for Marcus is fixed.

  • You can either obey Carl’s command which will lead to his untimely heart attack. The police barges in to take Marcus as the criminal on Leo’s accusation. Carl will not appear in the game anymore. However, you will be able to collect a magazine here that you otherwise cannot if you opted for a different choice.
  • You decide to ignore the command and push Leo, killing him but preventing Carl from having a heart attack. The police still mistake you for the aggressor and arrests you.

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