Is Detroit Become Human Any Better Than Beyond Two Souls?

Detroit Become Human is the latest cinematic adventure and perhaps a very ambitious one as well, by Quantic Dream that rolled out for PlayStation 4 on May 25th. This is the third similar experience from the studio and from what we have seen so far, it is definitely one of its kind. How far Detroit Become Human has traveled from the last game Beyond Two Souls is the topic in context today.

Starting off, Become Human is broader in its scope compared to the previous games the team has created. On top of that, the game has a really emotional side to it as well, which touches real-life issues of the present, making it very much relatable to reality.

Although Beyond Two Souls was also a very ambitious title, it seems to be that somehow, it’s over ambition has put Become Human in a better stance. The character stories in Beyond Two Souls often shifted between different time spans, which mostly brought ambiguity in understanding the game, that is not the case in Become Human.

Above all, the level of freedom offered to the players in Become Human is something that Beyond never was able to offer. Adding to that the character modeling in Become Human has significantly improved, the team has actually done a remarkable job.

The moral choice that we made in Beyond, never had much of a difference but in Detriot Become Human, it has radically improved. Now the moral choices made by the player, actually changes the game’s narrative as it unfolds.

Apart from all these improvements, the way the characters talk or react in the game, is technical and a narrative strength over Beyond Two Souls.

With all that said, there are a lot of more other improvements made by Quantic Dreams as well, like a better take on the Sci-fi elements, player objectives and much more.

So apparently it is pretty obvious that Detroit Become Human has traveled far from the Beyond Two Souls.

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