Community Has Raised $200k for TotalBiscuit’s Family

While Bioware’s ex-employee sits behind his screen and mocks the death of John Peter Bain aka Total Biscuit, the community has raised $200K for the man’s family.

Bain worked in the gaming industry and was a popular YouTube personality. But in this line of work, there is no medical insurance and other benefits. As you may know, Bain passed away after fighting cancer for a long time which also drained his savings. He passes away with little left for his family.

So to support his family the community created a GoFundMe account with a goal of $200K.

John has had an incredible game’s media career that spans at least 13 years. During that time he’s covered countless games including World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 and it would be pretty hard to make a full list of games he’s supported. He was a journalist, entertainer, critic, philanthropist, and general good dude. And he was one of the best.

In this career there are no medical plans, no retirement funds, and no golden parachutes. The financial resources available are limited to the support of viewers and advertisers. John’s family Genna & Orion are faced with short and long term challenges around housing, living expenses, income security, medical care, and the special needs of Orion (their son). Please join me in supporting Genna and Orion in this very trying time to help take one burden off their shoulders.

I am happy to report that the community has shown tremendous support for the cause and at the time of writing, we have raised over $200K. If you wish to further support the cause, here is the campaign.