The Number Of Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds Is Supposedly Anywhere From 10 To 19

Players who are expecting a bigger and better game than ever before in Kingdom Hearts 3 are probably going to be getting their wish if a recent rumor about the number of Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds turns out to be true. Supposedly the game will have anywhere from 10 to 19 worlds in it.

Going to other worlds are part of the meat of Kingdom Hearts games, as players travel to the worlds of various Disney movies such as Agrabah, under the sea to The Little Mermaid, to Neverland, to Ancient China, to the Pridelands, and even to Halloweentown in Tim Burton’s The Night Before Christmas.

We’ve already gotten a look at several of the Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds that we’re apparently going to be traveling to in the game, such as Aurora from Tangled, the Monster world from Monsters Incorporated, Andy’s Room from the Toy Story movies, and likely more. We may also get a number of repeat worlds that we’ve been to before, such as Olympus from Hercules, the Pridelands, Agrabah, and more.

Either way, the sheer number of worlds still makes this the largest Kingdom Hearts game to date. Apparently, each department of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts development team is working on three worlds each, though there may be more teams than just three.

Either way, this just leads to even more anticipation of the game, and with all of the anticipation that the game is getting now that it’s finally getting close to coming out, who knows what sort of reception the game will get when E3 rolls around.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is supposed to be getting a showing at E3, with the game finally getting its release date announced around that time. Hopefully, with as long that it’s taken for the game to get to this point on releasing, that release date will be very soon.