Madden NFL 19 Is Making Its Way To PS4 and Xbox One On August 10

As soon as the Madden’s Director announced his departure from EA, a lot of concerns spurred, one of which was, what does it mean for the Madden franchise? Well, the announcement has been made, Madden NFL 19 has been announced for PS4 and Xbox One and shall roll out on August 10.

Yes, you heard right, with so many fans expectations behind it, Bioware has finally announced the game. For now, the game will only be making its way on PS4 and Xbox One curiously though, no Switch version in the works, for now, in spite the fact that FIFA saw a lot of success on Nintendo Switch last year.

If you would remember, back in February the Industry Insider Marcus Sellars foretold the forthcoming of this game and also said that it would roll out for Switch too. Since the main news has come true there is a possibility of Switch version, as well. For now, though fingers are crossed.

That said, Madden NFL 19 will feature real player motion technology for better and improved animation and better precision.

Real Player Motion technology combined with all new franchise-building tools like Positional Archetypes and the return of Custom Draft Classes are features that football fans will find fun and engaging. Madden NFL 19 steps up the authentic football experience in so many ways.”

Ultimate Team modes and Franchise appear to have been reworked, still, it seems to be that the game will not be having a story mode. Considering last years game did have a story mode, it seems a bit odd, but perhaps they have a few changes planned for this one.

Carlos Guerrero, further talking about the game said,”We’ve worked directly with community members on Madden NFL 19 to make a deeper, more immersive football game that gives players what they want – more choice, more control, and key enhancements to fan-favorite modes”.

Madden NFL 19 is now scheduled to roll out on August 10 for PS4 and Xbox One.