If We Are Lucky, We Might Get Something Related to Titanfall 3 Tomorrow

Update: The Titanfall Instagram account has been updated and has confirmed that the expected tease is not to be related to Titanfall 3.

Original Story: Well, this could possibly be something, the official Titanfall Instagram account has recently posted a cryptic video, which somewhat promises something for tomorrow. Not completely sure but our bets are that if we are lucky enough we might perhaps see a Titanfall 3 Tease.

The caption posted by Senior Animator at Respawn Entertainment reads “5.26.18 “Incoming Transmission”. So that pretty much sets a date for tomorrow, now what will be teased tomorrow is the bigger question. Alongside the date, we have a hashtag “#PassItOn”. Which does seem to make it some kind of a huge deal, considering it is definitely something they want actively shared.

So we have our bets on a Titanfall 3 Tease or at least that is something we would like to see tomorrow. If you have played the Titanfall 2 then you would definitely want to hear something about it.

Titanfal 2 was a very successful first-person shooter which launched back in 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Set in a Sci-fi world, the visuals of this game were really remarkable as well as it overall gameplay.

So it would be really nice that we hear something about Titanfall 3. Provided it is something related to this game, then we sure hope that EA is sensible enough to not launch it right next to Battlefield.

Talking about Battlefield, the 5th installment of the game is set to release on October 19 but players can definitely grab a deluxe edition for early access on October 16.

Having said that, EA has also recently shared an interest in a Battlefield V Battle Royale version. Although it’s just an interest so don’t rely too much on that for now.

Putting all that into context, what are your thoughts on this caption posted by Respawn Entertainment? Do you think it could possibly be related to Titantfall 3 or something else? Let us know in the comments below.