Steam To Require Parental Consent For Gamers Under 16

Lately, Valve has been making a lot of changes to its Steam platform and another change is coming to the platform which will require gamers under the age of 16 to have their parents consent to fully enjoy their games on Steam.

Valve made some changes to Steam’s sign-up page JavaScript with new code that refers to parental consent dialog’ and ‘parental email’.

This comes following changes mandated by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws. The law applies to data storage by European Union companies as well as for the companies whose customers are located in EU.

While Valve has made no official announcement but these changes are definitely referring to the PC platform requiring parental consent for players under 16.

Also, since the law has come into effect, Industry expert WickedPlayer494 noted that gamers “suspected to be under 16 may be locked out or otherwise have restricted functionality after Friday.”

Speaking of Valve, recently the company made some changes to Steam’s privacy policy that cuts off the primary stream of data on which SteamSpy depends.

However, SteamSpy creator Sergey Galyonkin developed a new algorithm to keep Steamspy alive. According to Galyonkin, the new algorithm for its service uses the coincidental data on games and machine learning.

I will keep on iterating the new algorithm while slowly bringing back the core functions of SteamSpy. It will take some time and it’s still possible that Valve will make another move to shutdown the service, but until that happens, SteamSpy will continue to operate.

Not only that, Valve has announced that it will offer rewards for reporting Steam bugs. According to Valve, those who report bugs or flaws for Steam, SteamOS, Steamworks SDK, Steam mobile app, Steam Servers, Valve game titles and “Multiplayer and in-game economy aspects of Valve game” and more will be offered rewards.

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