Sea of Thieves Infinite Black Screen Issue Fixed In The Latest Patch

As Everyone know, Sea Of Thieves has been facing bugs and errors since launch, it’s not new but recently, If you have been facing infinite black screen issue while playing Sea Of Thieves, then this is for you because Rare has started rolling out a patch that fixes the infinite black screen on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

After the release of Patch 1.0.8, many players reported that they were facing a random bug which caused them to get stuck in a never-ending grey/black loading screen. The only solution was to close and restart the game which was quite annoying to do and it also interrupted the matches while doing quests.

Apparently, Rare noticed it and now has found the cause of this issue and has released a small update to address the issue. This small fix update weighs in at 150 MB for Xbox One and 120 MB for Windows PC. The update will be automatically downloaded on Xbox One when you will launch the game and for PC users you will have to get it from the Windows store.

As we are talking about bugs and errors recently a Sea Of Thieves update was pulled back due to instability. The update brought one of the most requested features namely private or closed crews which would allow you to limit the places in your group to your friends only. However, this long-awaited private feature was simply disabled and other features were removed just 12 hours after it was deployed because the update brought instability to the servers.

Well, don’t be too negative about the game because it is getting The Hungering Deep update which will be the first proper content update since the launch.

What are your thoughts on Sea Of Thieves? Are you annoyed by bugs and lack of content in the game? let us know in the comments below.