Another Intel Coffee Lake-S 8 Core 16 Thread CPU Pops Ups Online With Full Specs

While Intel hasn’t officially confirmed its 8 Core Coffee Lake CPUs but they have been popping up along with their specs over the internet and this time another 8 Core/16 tread Intel Coffee Lake-S CPU has popped online with full specs.

The specs for this 8 Core/16 tread Intel Coffee Lake-S CPU reveal that the processor will feature a base clock of 3.10 GHz with a TDP of 95W. Not only that, the chip in question will be unlocked. Check out the full specs for this 8 core Intel Coffee Lake-S CPU in the image below.

While Intel has not confirmed it but these leaks have all but confirmed that Intel is bringing its 8 core/16 thread CPUs in the market to compete with AMD Ryzen which already features 8 core/16 thread CPUs for consumers.

Intel Coffee Lake-S

Speaking of leaked CPUs, Intel has delayed its 10 nm CPUs till 2019, however, a 10 nm Intel Cannonlake CPU has leaked online. The leaked CPU is part of the Intel Cannonlake Y family. The Intel M3-8114Y runs at a base clock of 2.2 GHz which compared to previous M3 CPU is better as it had 1.1 GHz of base clock.

However, the boost clock isn’t mentioned but given that 7th gen M3 CPU bosted up to 3 GHz, we are hopeful that the Intel M3-8114Y will feature a boost clock slightly higher than that.

Furthermore, this isn’t the only 10 nm Cannonlake CPU to emerge as 10 nm Cannonlake i3-8121U emerged inside Lenovo Ideapad 330 Notebook.

According to the listing, the upcoming Cannonlake i3-8121U is a dual-core CPU which features a base clock of 2.2GHz and 4 MB L3 cache. As for the boost clock, while the listing doesn’t mention it but according to the previous leak it features a boost clock of 2.6 GHz.

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