Fortnite Battle Royale Practice Mode Being Added In The Game

Since the release of the free to play Battle Royale portion of Fortnite, the number of active users for the game have skyrocketed and seems to not come down. In terms of monthly active users, Fortnite surpassed GTA V for the month of April. While the game maintains its successful status, Epic games have kept on improving various things from time to time. From bringing the replay system, to a Fortnite Battle Royale Practice Mode being added now.

With the increase in the popularity, there is also a steady addition of newcomers on a daily basis, who might need a few pointers and primers in regards to how the game mechanics work. Fortunately for the new users, the developers have recently announced the plans to address this issue by adding the Fortnite Battle Royale Practice Mode.

Based on the recent blog post penned by Epic Games, Fortnite will be adding the Practice Mode under the name “Playground LTM” which will load the players into the Battle Royale map with adjusted settings. Like those checking out, the LTM will have the ability to fight and build as much as they want with no real repercussions due to the addition of respawning.

They shall be offered “an extended period of time” so they can explore the map. Additionally, it will also allow squads so that folks can scrimmage with their friends due to the friendly fire being turned on.

That said, according to Epic Games, Playground LTM should provide Fortnite players with a lot of opportunities to actually practice, learn, improve and master the difficulties of taking off in the battle without having to worry about getting shot at.

At the moment there is no specific release window provided for Fortnite Battle Royale Practice Mode as when it shall go live. Still provided the updates are typically rolling out on weekly basis it could possibly come out as soon as next Tuesday.