The Concept Of Humanity Through The Eyes of Detroit Become Human Devs

One of the very ambitious PlayStation 4 exclusive game, Detriot Become Human, has been having a lot of attention lately. With the news of game running at 4K to various other details, the unique concept is generating interest among the gaming community.

The game challenges the concept of humanity and Quantic Dream’s David Cage has shed light on the concept of humanity through their eyes of Detroit Become Human.

As the title of the game suggests, the game sets out to explore the basic question, what makes one human in the first place?

In an interview, the director of Detroit Become Human has discussed how the game deals with this question. The game lets the players explore the story from the point of view of androids.

Which seems to be a very interesting move done by the studio. David Cage said that looking at how the androids have been oppressed and how they struggle to free themselves from the suffering is a perspective that would be better seen through the eyes of androids.

Talking about different characters, Cage asserted that no character is innately evil and that they all have a moral compass. Now since morality is relative, we can also assume the moral compass of each character to be different than each other.

He specifically stated, that “there are no evil characters. There just characters with different agendas.” What is interesting is that players will often be faced with uncomfortable choices where there is going to be no clear right answer.

So in simple terms, the studio has kept the relativity of morality alive in the game, to define the basic question asked in the game. What makes one human in the first place?

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