Battlefield V Will Feature Dynamic Weather, DICE Turning it Up a Notch This Year

One of the most exciting features of Battlefield 1 is its dynamic weather that often changed the dynamics of how you play the game. EA DICE’s Battlefield V will see the return of this feature later this year when the game comes out.

Dynamic weather returns in Battlefield V but this year it will be better than before. DICE is turning it up a notch but exactly how? The answer to that will be at EA PLAY next month.

In Battlefield 1, weather effects changed the way how you strategize. For example, when the fog hits Snipers are no longer useful so players must choose a different class to play and adapt accordingly. Same happens when the sandstorm hits on the Sinai Desert and visibility is affected.

Hopefully, it won’t take long to adapt to the new conditions when we head into Battlefield V.

As I mentioned, EA PLAY is being hosted next month where DICE will not only discuss Battlefield V but also show other major IPs that are currently in development at EA. We are expecting to see FIFA 19, NFL 19, NHL 19, possibly a new Need for Speed, Anthem, and more.

There are rumors that we may see the next Dragon Age but it unlikely to happen. Still, one can be optimistic, right?

EA PLAY will be streamed live on the official YouTube channels, Twitch, and other platforms. The event kicks off on June 9 and will end on June 11. Battlefield V multiplayer is going to be playable at EA PLAY so those visiting will have some hands-on time with it.

Battlefield V is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19. The deluxe edition roles out on October 16. Pre-order now to get early access to the open beta on consoles and PC.