EA Looking Into How The Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Could Work

Battlefield V recently got its first comprehensive look during a live stream, showing off the reveal trailer, which did offer some heavy action packed-gameplay.

If you have seen it, you would know that the visual details are pretty impressive and many news changes have been made. However, many were expecting to see the popular Battle Royale mode but it was no where to see. But not all hopes are lost, DICE senior producer Andreas Morrel explains that the studio is currently looking into such mode and how it could actually play out.

Morrel said that at this point DICE has nothing to announce in regards to Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode, still, he did admit that such feature could work wonders in this game.

Morrel said that “it’s hard to miss the battle royale frenzy that’s ongoing. We’re all very much fans of it, back at DICE, and we’re definitely looking to see how Battlefield can explore the battle royale genre.”

So that is a ray of hope right there, we all know that battle royale is very popular these days and with every first-person shooter game, the first concern is mostly the battle royale version.

That said, one can not deny the importance of single-player stories and thankfully, War Stories are making a comeback this year.

According to EA DICE, the team has been developing War Stories and they have done a lot of research in order to make sure that things are as accurate as they can be in the game.

Now the recent Battlefield V trailer showcased that they are putting female combatants in the frontlines, which is something that does not seem fit well with the community and most of the community members are turning towards social media where #NotMyBattlefield seems to be taking the air of trend.

Most of the community members are referring it to be some kind of a feminist propaganda, which if continues might prove to be troublesome for the game. Let’s see what becomes of this concern. Having said that what are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GameSpot