Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version On Nintendo Switch Is Having Issues In The US

Capcom recently announced that they are bringing Resident Evil 7 to Nintendo Switch via their cloud service which is now officially available to download in Japan. Well for now if you are located outside of Japan you will most likely face some significant issues.

People have started posting videos of Resident Evil 7 on Youtube and other platforms of the  running on the Switch which sounds amazing but it wasn’t for long as players saw worst visuals of the game than any other version which is acceptable due to the weaker hardware of Nintendo Switch but what’s more disappointing was connectivity issues for the people in the US.

As seen in some videos Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version has some non-stop connectivity problems whenever someone tried to play it outside Japan. In the video posted below, you can see that the game booted up several times and there were some serious stuttering and lag issues. But to be positive it can be all due to the game being played outside Japan but on the worst case scenario, this can be the same case with the players in Japan which we don’t know about yet.

Well, we hope that these shuttering and connectivity issues are due to being played outside the preferred region. This also makes us question Nintendo about their cloud gaming service due to the game running so poorly on Nintendo Switch.

Other than that since the announcement Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version has been criticised due to the game being exclusive to Japan and not having a physical copy.

Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version is having problems but that doesn’t mean it will stay like this forever because Capcom can fix the problems with the game and can even bless us with a physical copy of the game or at least make it available in other regions.

Have you tried Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below.