Battlefield 5 Screenshots Show Characters, Tanks And Locations

Today we finally got our first look at the upcoming Battlefield V which looks quite promising like previous games in the series. After the success of World War 1 in Battlefield 1 now EA is moving on to World War 2 in Battlefield 5. Following the reveal, the publisher released some screenshots to tell us what we are in for this year.

These screenshots reveal to us the characters which were included in the reveal trailer, weapons, tanks and aerial combat which play a big role in the next Battlefield.

Battlefield 5 consists of the single-player campaign unlike Black Ops 4 which is called War Stories, a coop mode called Combined arms and multiplayer which has always been the core part of the series. Also, there is no premium pass this time for Battlefield 5.

DICE is going to focus on some untold war stories that are not known yet including female characters seen in the trailer.

“We’ve already seen and played everything we know about World War II, and we’ve fought so hard on the beaches of Normandy that we know each other there in our pockets.”

There’s an interesting new co-op mode called Combine Arms which will allow you to build a squad of four soldiers in missions that you will have to compete against some tough AI soldiers. There wasn’t much about it at the reveal but we know that you will have to take certain roles and jump behind the enemy lines while following orders. You will also get the choice at the end to follow orders or increase risk or leave the map like Division.

Combine Arms will server as a bridge between sing player campaign and multiplayer modes.

If you are convinced, you can pre-order the game today which give you early access to the beta, special assignments, outfits and more.

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Battlefield V is releasing on October 16 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.