Wizard of Legend Elemental Bosses Guide – How To Defeat, Boss Tips

In this Wizard of Legend Elemental Bosses Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat different elemental bosses in Wizard of Legend.

Three different elemental bosses in Wizard of Legend come with their own unique set of attacks and signature moves. We will detail all their attacks and how you easily dodge them so that you can defeat these elemental bosses easily.

Each elemental boss is specific to one element and comes with a unique set of attacks and signature moves.

We will share with you all their basic moves, their signature moves and some tips and tricks as well, which will help you, counter their moves and defeat them at their own game easily in our Wizard of Legend Elemental Bosses Guide.

Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend Elemental Bosses

Although all three bosses in the game are unique and they have their own unique tactics and attacks, some of the tactics are common across all three bosses.

We have also detailed the common tactics below along with the unique attacks and signature moves below for you in our Wizard of Legend Elemental Bosses Guide.

Common Boss Tactics

Before we jump to the unique aspects of all three elemental bosses of Wizard of Legend, there are some common tactics that are shared by all bosses.

We will go through all the common tactics before we start with the unique boss tactics. First, you must remember that all bosses will have at least five or six attacks that they will use during the boss fights.

Apart from these common attacks, each boss has a signature move that they will perform after every three stuns.

The boss will mix the common attacks during the fight but the signature boss move will appear at every third stun. In addition, a very helpful feature here is that out of all the moves, a boss will use a unique one before using the signature move.

This means that all attacks before the signature move will be unique, No attack sequence will be repeated so if a boss has performed a specific attack move, you can be sure that this move will not be repeated until the stun phase has passed.

As you progress through the stages, the speed of boss attacks will continue to increase and they will start an extra chain to their combos or have more number of projectiles. It will depend on their attacks.

The ranged attack will have increased projectiles while melee attacks will have extra moves per combo. In addition, the distance between each stun cycle will keep increasing.

Reaching stage 2 and 3 allows new moves to be added to the boss’s attack cycle.

Avoid getting sprites as they will trigger boss’s stun phase automatically thus making you unable to perform a combo on the boss during that period.

You can start boss fights with these sprites or pick them up during the fight as well. They perform different types of attacks depending on their type and element they focus on.

If you manage to destroy the red crystal before the fight, you can get 75 health orbs, which saves you the trouble of spending gold on health potions.

You must destroy the crystals before the fight starts before they cannot be used one the fight has started or once the fight is over.

Since these are elemental bosses, each will be strong against some elements and weak against some elements. Use elements that are strong against the bosses for most damage and turning the fight in your own favor.

For your ease, the cycle goes like this, the earth is weak against wind, fire is weak against water, and water is weak against lightning. Use this to your advantage during boss fights. Now let us discuss the unique attacks and signature moves of all elemental bosses.

Wizard of Legend (2)

Frost Queen Freiya (Breaking the Ice)

Frost Queen Freiya comes with seven basic attacks and one signature move attack. The seventh attack is only introduced into the mix once you have reached stage 2 and 3 of the boss fight. We have detailed all the attacks below.

Attack 1 The first attack circles around Freiya and then launches towards you in a specific sequence. This is the easiest attack to dodge.

You can start from the top or bottom of the screen and then move around the edge of the arena to dodge this attack successfully.

Attack 2 Freiya can fire a large focused beam on your location. This beam starts with a single one and then splits in two beams and circles around her.

This stops until both beams have gone slightly behind her so you must be present right behind her to dodge this attack. If she uses this attack in a corner, you will have no place to hide and you will take damage no matter where you go.

Attack 3 Freiya can conjure up an ice sword and then charge at your location. She will swing it as well as she reaches your location. You can dodge away from this attack easily.
Attack 4 During this attack, Freiya will rain down hail on two red circle indicators on the map. These indicators are in the corners and you will have little time to get out of them before they start raining down hail on you.

If the hail hits you, you will freeze instantly. Avoid going in the middle of these circles. Instead, go around their sides to avoid them.

Attack 5 This attack sees Freiya summoning three large water globes that will fall down and damage you.

One of these globes will be right above you so you will need to dodge out of its landing trajectory to avoid being damaged. Make sure you do not instead come under the remaining two.

Attack 6 Freiya can also summon ice lancers that will charge towards you. These do not collide will each other and can only be avoided at pinpoint. Keep moving around Freiya but do not increase or decrease the distance between you and her.
Attack 7 This attack is added to the mix once you reach the stage 2 and 3. Freiya will turn into a giant ice mass and will move towards you at a steady pace.

Your best bet to avoid this attack is by continuously moving around and keeping her at a good distance.

Signature Attack

Freiya’s signature attack is similar to the normal frost ball attacks but this is bigger, faster and longer and surrounds Freiya so you will need to keep moving to avoid most of them. You might get hit by the last few but if you stick to the corners, you might miss all of them.

Earth Lord Atlas (Party like a Rockstar)

Earth Lord Atlas comes with seven basic attacks and one signature move attack. His sixth attack is added to his combo list when you pass the stage 1 and reach stage 2 or 3. We have detailed all attacks below.

Attack 1 Atlas slams to the ground and makes a stone drill. He then charges towards you.

You can easily dodge this attack as he cannot change direction mid-charge. If he hits you, he does it several times but also has space for a follow-up attack so always try to dodge this attack.

Attack 2 Atlas will throw three rocks at you one by one. You can destroy these rocks but dodge these rocks is even easier so we recommend that you always dodge these rocks instead of breaking them.

Arcana such as Obsidian Cascade are very helpful here as they destroy the rocks and damage Atlas as well.

Attack 3 Atlas creates three rows of pillars across the whole map. When Atlas stomps the ground, it represents this move so get ready to run towards the center. You can dodge this attack in a zigzag pattern. Any other direction will always get you hit.
Attack 4 Atlas will summon five toxic plants and launch them around the arena. They will land at different locations and explode. Their after effect remain until Atlas launches his next attack. If you walk over them, you will be poisoned.
Attack 5 Atlas jumps in the air and lands at your location for a crushing attack. Simply dodge away from the location to avoid this easy attack.
Attack 6 Atlas uses this attack during stage 2 and 3. Atlas combines his fists, turns them into a massive rock, and then lunges towards you.

Dodge while he is in the air to avoid this attack, as he cannot change his direction after the jump.

Attack 7 Atlas conjures up a rock barrier of around five rocks and pushes them towards you. Dodge around them to avoid them.

Signature Attack

Atlas jumps in the air and summons spikes around the arena that come towards you. When he is about to land this attack, he will jump in the air with white lines around himself. You can run to any of the top corners of the map and then run towards the downside once the spikes are coming towards you. Once down, you can head to the middle and attack Atlas.

Flame Empress Zeal (Feel the Burn)

Flame Empress Zeal has five basic attacks and one signature move attack. We have detailed all her attacks below for you.

Attack 1 This attack has two variants so you can expect any one of those at any time. The first variant is Zeal kicking at you and arcing fire in front of her, which goes in three different directions.

The second variant of this attack is when she charges towards you with a fiery trail and then kicks three times right on top of you. Dodging her kicks is the best way to avoid any of the variants.

Attack 2 Zeal runs from one corner across the complete diameter of the map engulfing the area in fire where she runs.

Avoid passing through these embers, as they will damage you. She cannot be stunned during this damage however; she can be damaged while she is running.

Attack 3 Zeal stomps on the ground sending different shurikens in your direction. They can be destroyed and they do not follow you. They continue in the direction in which they are fired.
Attack 4 Zeal can also summon and throw fireballs at you. This attack covers the whole map so you will need to keep moving to avoid all of the fireballs.
Attack 5 Zeal summons fire in the arena and the areas where the fire is summoned is marked on the ground with rings.

Avoid going in these rings if you do not want to get damaged. Dodging helps to avoid this attack.

Signature Move

Her signature move is a large barrage of fire meteors from the sky. Zeal jumps in the air and slams down in the center of the arena with meteors raining down shortly. Your best bet here is to keep moving and not stopping to avoid the meteors.

This concludes our Wizard of Legend Elemental Bosses Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!