The Unrelenting World Of Days Gone Is What Makes It Unique, According To The Studio Director

To be honest we have not seen any other Zombie based game emphasize too much on it uniqueness than Days Gone.

Days Gone developers seem to be focusing lately on its exceptionality and how extraordinaire the game is going to be. According to the developers, the Unrelenting world of Days Gone is something that will make it stand out from other games.

What we already know about the game, is that the player in the game will be taking a role of a rugged biker named Deacon and looking to combine the aspects of exploration in the post-apocalyptic survival, third-person action game. So what makes it unique?

Sony Bend Studio director Chris Reese had a chance to share some things regarding their claim on the uniqueness of the game. He talked about its inspiration and how the team makes developmental choices for their open world game.

According to Chris Reese, the Unrelenting World Of Days Gone is what will make this game different from every other post-apocalyptic zombie based game.

“Why would we want to play this game? If we want to play in an open world, then what about this open world is going to interest us? So, our unique take… we just have this sort of unrelenting world that just keeps coming at you. And the player has to try and figure out how to survive.”

This is not the only statement that implies the uniqueness of this game. Recently in an interview, the creative director of the game, John Garvin shared his concern that players should not compare Days Gone with The Last Of Us. As according to him both games may be similar only in the fact that both are third-person action adventure games where you get to kill creatures, other than that they are very different in their take.

There have been a plethora of revelations lately which make us believe that the developers of Days Gone are trying hard to not make this game like “Just Another Zombie Game”.

Let’s hope that is that is the case and we get to see something really new, different and unique.

Source: screenrant