Tiny Bubbles Guide – Game Mode, Fish, Liking Multiple Bubbles (Tips And Strategies)

Played a little too much Dark Souls and want to put your mind at ease? Looking for something light to close the day? Well, we’ve got just the game you can be looking forward to play. Let our Tiny Bubbles Guide help you get acquainted with know-hows of Tiny Bubbles.

Tiny Bubbles Guide

The latest puzzle game for Android and iOS has you bursting bubbles to match the pieces and complete the puzzle. Yes, it does not get simpler than that. However, it is still a lot satisfying.

With over 170 levels and 3 game modes, you can learn a lot in the game. Let us look at what is really going on as you tap and burst foamy bubbles.

Think Beforehand

You can always see the upcoming color droplets at the top of the screen along with the order they will proceed in. This calls for thinking and planning before time. Your main objective is matching bubbles of the same color.

This seems easy and simple, but some cases will prompt you to mix and match colors i.e. mixing two colors to form a new one.

If you are not sure of what color will result in by mixing two different ones, simply tap the bubble you want to fuse with and it will show you a preview of the result. Therefore, planning beforehand is essential.

Linking Multiple Bubbles

It is not all patience and waiting, sometimes you need to be quick as the game calls for it. Some puzzles will only be solved if you manage to match multiple colors together in the structure of bubbles.

This means you need to press multiply bubbles at the same time and then allow them to match with other colored bubbles to break down longer chains and thus reduce the overall structure.

Fish or no Fish?

Tiny Bubbles has some levels where you will occasionally have a fish drop in to either help or mess things up. It is a hit or miss type situation because of the random color that the fish might hold.

If it is the color you wanted, you will be able to break things in quick succession and get some good combos.

However, it is also very possible that you do not get the right color and the ordeal becomes even tougher than before, even more work now needed. If you are not sure of the fish, then complete the puzzle ASAP to never face the fish.

Different Levels, Different Goals

Not everything is about mixing and matching colors. Some levels will only reach completion if you manage to carry out the required task.

This may include matching only a specific set of colors, freeing stars from bubble and help the star from being eaten by a crab, etc. Therefore, during a particular level, always keep your eye out for any goals that may show up.

Game Modes

You can choose from three available modes in the game. The Puzzle mode is the general one where you have to achieve the given set of tasks.

The Arcade Mode has timed puzzles for you to solve. Lastly, Infinity mode is just for sitting out on your porch and solving the puzzles lazily until sunset.

The game also has a helpful colorblind mode for those, you know, who suffer from color blindness. To the normal eye, these colors will all look a little dull.

General Tips and Strategies

With the Wilds enabled, you can create a multicolored bubble that can be used to match with any color of your choice. Some scenarios may require you to use a bubble again before it disappears into non-existence.

Other times, you may need to allow some bubbles to come into contact with each other. This is done by filling the bubble with droplets so it can move and hit the bubble you want it to. After all Tiny Bubbles is based on a real Physics, so you can make some assumptions and use your intuition every now and then.

This is all we have in our Tiny Bubbles Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!