State of Decay 2 Skills Guide – Best Skills To Use, Effects, How To Unlock

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Skills are used to differentiate between the various different survivors in State of Decay 2. The skills are essentially what make the characters in the game unique. There is a lot of complexity involved as to the skills and the proficiency in them, so this State of Decay 2 Skills Guide will help you.

Our State of Decay 2 Skills Guide will tell you all about skills and their Progression System along with mentioning all the various different skills that are present in the game and their workings.

State of Decay 2 Skills

Each survivor may have 1 or more skills that are gained from their history and backstories.

Survivors are usually given 5 starter skills but they can gain more by going through books that you scavenge or by finding different resources. However, remember that a maximum number of 5 skills can be attained by a survivor at any one time.

State of Decay 2

There is also a rating that goes from 0 to 7 stars in relation to a skill. This is known as the proficiency of a particular skill. Each skill’s proficiency can go up from using that skill in the game.

Once you fully level a skill up, you can specialize to focus your upgrades to a specific area. This means that you will be unlocking new abilities and moves for your character and increasing their stats such as their ability to scavenge or move stealthily.

Let us go ahead and take a look at all of the skills that are present in the game and what is it that they do.

Skills List

Remember that this list is incomplete and we will continue to update it as more information is found out!

Skills Effects
Cardio Will be helping your stamina levels. Stamina is used for pretty much every movement in the game.
Wits The loot that you find in containers will be better.
Fighting Your melee weapons will be more effective.
Shooting Your firearms will be more effective.
Chemistry You will be able to craft a lot more stuff and will make crafting generally easier.
Cooking You will be able to make better and healthier dishes.
Computers You will be able to operate computers.
Driving You will have 100% fuel efficiency, 50% loudness reduction and 50% impact reduction.
Fishing You get 2 food per day.
Gardening You will be able to tend to the gardens.
Hairdressing Should be obvious!
Literature Survivors get 6 morale and you have a 100% experience rate.
Knowledge of the Arts You have an understanding of the arts.
Making Coffee You can make Coffee for yourself and other survivors.
Mechanics Workshops will be improved.
Movie Trivia Survivors get 6 more and a 50% increase in Experience Rate.
Music 6 Morale along with 25 Influence each day for the survivor.
People Skills 100% Standing Rewards along with 10% Influence Gained and Knowledge of influence.
Scrum Certification 50% increase in Global Action Speed and 2 Labour for free.
Self-Promotion 100% standing rewards and Knowledge of Influence
Sewing 20 Increase in Health, 2 increase in Consumable Stack and Knowledge of Craftsmanship.
Sports Trivia 100% increase in Cardio and Fighting Experience Rate and +20 Stamina.
TV Trivia 6 Morale, 50% Experience Points Rate increase and pop Culture Knowledge.
Utilities Knowledge of the Utilities.
Acrobatics You can climb and doge faster and use less stamina.
Backpacking Carrying capacity increases.
Marathon You can sprint longer.
Powerhouse You can melee, grab and execute more (they consume less stamina).
Discipline Increased stamina and weapon durability.
Resourcefulness Increased carrying capacity.
Scouting You can detect enemies passively and scout longer ranges.
Stealth Harder for enemies to see you and interactions make less noise.
Close Combat Better fighting and more stamina available with empty melee slot.
Endurance You get more health and are harder to traumatise.
Striking Blunt weapons can knock down enemies more frequently.
Swordplay Bladed weapons deal more damage.
Assault Decreases recoil.
Gunslinging You can reload faster and unlock the Aim Snap Ability.
Weapon Handling Jammed firearms are cleared and more durable.
Surgery You can use injury recovery actions when at infirmaries.
Engineering You can craft muzzle attachments for weapons.
Automechanics You can craft vehicle upgrades and repair toolkits.
Agriculture and Herbalism Unlock upgrades for food and med production at farms.
Construction You can make Heavy Duty Storage, mods and materials if you have their parts.
Metalwork You can make amazing melee weapons.
Pharmacology You can craft painkillers and cure plagues cheaply.
Munitions You get a firesafe storage and can craft thermite and C4.
Cuisine Morale bonus from feasts is improved
Nutrition Rationing penalty is reduced and stamina gains from feasts increase.
Programming Allows you to use assault drones and craft box mines detonated remotely.

That is all we have for our State of Decay 2 Skills Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!