Shadow of the Tomb Raider Performance Lead Discusses Jonah and Lara

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider performance lead, Emilie Gilloux, has given us a bit of insight into what we can expect from Jonah and Lara when the next Tomb Raider game comes out, particularly in how they interact with various other NPCs that are going to be featured in the game.

We’ve already had a bit of content foreshadowing this in the form of the game’s debut trailer, where Lara brutally kills a number of Mayan priests that were getting ready to sacrifice a helpless girl. However, the brutal method that Lara uses to kill the men causes the girl to run away from her.

We’ll likely see more of this throughout the game, as the Shadow of the Tomb Raider performance lead has said that we’ll see Jonah and Lara experience the events of the game together, instead of being apart for most of the plot like they have been in the previous two Tomb Raider games.

Much like in Shadow of the Tomb Raider where Lara got to interact with the civilization known as the Remnants, Gilloux has said that Lara and Jonah will be interacting with other NPCs than just enemies, and Gilloux’s team has also worked on civilization, which will likely help to make the game feel less isolated. According to Gilloux, Lara will also discover “something”, but she didn’t elaborate on that.

We’ll be seeing more information about the game in June when E3 rolls around, so the Shadow of the Tomb Raider performance lead, or at least someone connected to Eidos and the development team, will be able to give us more information about the game, including whatever the “something” was that Gilloux talked about.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be coming out for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on September 14 of this year.