Preload Detroit Become Human Now, Download Size is Normal

Quantic Dream’s PS4 exclusive science-fiction adventure game Detroit Become Human can now be preloaded ahead if its release this week.

The news of this became known after a Reddit user who goes by the name, ‘HypnoticMonkey’ shared a screenshot of the game being preloaded on his console. The size of the game is 42.55GB but what is assuring is that the game can be started with 11.7GB of loaded data.

That said, a free demo of the game rolled out last month, which really added to the overall hype. Fans were really happy to check the game out in the demo mode and found it captivating. Apart from that, what is really interesting is the fact that the game will be running at a native 4K resolution which was confirmed by the art director of the game, a little while back.

Now the most interesting detail regarding the game is that, back in March, Le Monde, a French newspaper reported that Detroit Become Human has cost Quantic team over 30 million during its development. Considering the game has been in further been in development after that as well, the cost probably must be greater.

Quantic team’s last project, Beyond Two Souls, had a budget of 24.7 million Euros, which is less than that of Detriot.

Detriot Become Human is the biggest project from Quantic Dream Studio. When the game was announced, it had a lot of fascination attached to it and the incredible facial animations were the real captivating point. Other than that the branching story paths, ambiguous character, and the stunning realism showed in the game really hyped up the anticipation of the game.

The dualistic nature of the game’s system instantly captured the eyes of the PlayStation players around the globe. Let’s hope the game is not a disappointment upon its release.

Detroit Become Human is scheduled to roll out on 25th May exclusively for PlayStation 4.