Nobody Has Finished Days Gone 100% Yet, Says Sony Bend

Days Gone is one of the most awaited games on PlayStation 4 which has been in development for a long time, the title first appeared back in 2016 during Sony’s press conference. It’s an open world game with a huge map which will take you long to just ride around it which has made everyone curious about how long will it take to complete the game, well, apparently not even Sony Bend knows.

According to Sony Bend studio director Chris Reese, Days Gone will offer plenty of action and thrill when the game launches in 2019 and during a recent interview, he revealed that the game is so big that they don’t know the 100% playtime by saying:

I don’t know yet and we haven’t seen anybody finish that yet [laughs]. It’s big, it’s a lot of time you can spend in that world.’

As we know Days Gone is trying to be unlike any other zombie game so we will have to find out ourselves how long will it take to complete the game.

Well, the game looks quite promising coming from Sony Bend studio which is a new property of Sony which is known for their works Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Syphon Filter games for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable and it’s studios most ambitious title ever to date.

As for the main story, Sony Bend revealed in the interview that it will take you around 30 or 35 hours for the golden or narrative path.

Even 30 hours is more than the average of previous AAA games we have seen so far including God Of War which took me around 8 hours to complete the main story.

The game is going to be long and will feature alternate endings which were shown by developers recently and Days Gone to max out PS4 processing power after God Of War.

Days Gone is set to appear at E3 next month and in a big way.

Source: Screenrant