Dead Light Survival Guide – Playing As Survivor, As Killer, Best Characters

The Dead Light Survival Guide is for getting a hang of the various challenges you’ll face and the aspects you should know in Dead Light Survival. In this co-op multiplayer game, find what is the best strategy you can use to get the best results possible.

Dead Light Survival Guide

In this online game inspired by the likes of retro horror thrillers like Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you play as a group of 4 people trying to survive against some twisted devilish human who wants to quench his thirst of violence.

Of course, you could play as the killer as well in which case you are truly evil.

Playing as Survivor

Your main objective as a survivor is to fix 4 generators around the cemetery so they can function properly and allow you to escape through the gates. During the course of this mission, you have a looming threat in the form of a psychopathic killer.

Playing as a team works best because you have ample time to fix generators as well as look for the killer and alert other teammates immediately.

The icon on the top left of the screen shows you the current status of your fellow survivors. If any teammate is injured, they will not be able to run while survivors on hooks indicate that they will die quickly if no rescue comes their way in time. Teammates can heal each other by getting close to them.

Running works best because there is no stamina limit or other restrictions. However, this comes at a cost since you will make a lot of noise if you are breezing through the area immediately alerting the killer on the hunt.

If you aim to approach the game more stealthily or silently, walk or crouch while moving.

Playing as Killer

This is a more challenging playable style because the killer cannot run forever; there is a limited time option where the killer has to catch his breath.

However, the killer, if near a survivor can take out the innocent being in just 2 hits. Your objective as the killer is to eliminate all of these 4 survivors before they manage to escape.

Unlike the survivors, you should definitely focus more on sneaky and stealthy encounters as a killer.

Hide around the two nearest generators and defend them at all cost. Take out any survivor that seems to go towards the generator.

If you have used spikes on a survivor, wait around enough to make sure they are dead otherwise, other members can quickly help him out.

Best Character in Each Class

Since leveling up requires a lot of time and resources, it is best to choose one of each category and go ahead with them. Each character comes with their own special and unique abilities.

In the killer category, it is highly recommended to go with Gravedigger. His unique ability reduces the distance or visibility range of survivors, so you can hide and sneak up from places.

There are many great survivor characters with interesting ability but our pick is Edward Lawn. In a game where you need to avoid as many hits as possible, health is key. Edward, thankfully, has the ability to heal himself without needing any of his other teammates near him. Rather cool!

This is all we have in our Dead Light Survival Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!