Battlefield 5 Cover Art Revealed In EA Invitation

An EA invitation that has been mailed out to gaming press apparently reveals the Battlefield 5 cover art, which makes it look even more like the game will bet set in World War 2. While we don’t have any confirmation yet (and likely won’t until the game is revealed tomorrow), it’s a good hint.

The Battlefield 5 cover art focuses on a soldier, like every other Battlefield game before it. Much like the soldier on the cover of Battlefield 1, he is also carrying both a gun and what looks like a knife, and is even in a similar pose to the Battlefield 1 soldier.

While we don’t get a very good look at the soldier (due to the fact that most of the art is obscured by the invitation itself), it does at least look like a World War 2 soldier, though we’ll have to wait until tomorrow on May 23 to see if we’re right or not. Battlefield found a lot of success in World War I, and going back to anything resembling more “modern” war so soon after going back in time might be a disservice.

But either way, we’ll be seeing the game that the Battlefield 5 cover art will be going with tomorrow when EA finally reveals it, and we’ll likely get a more detailed look at the EA Play conference in June. Battlefield 5 will have to be pretty good, going up against Call of Duty Black Ops 4 this year, which will apparently have its own Battle Royale mode in addition to multiplayer and zombies.

While Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was a sales disappointment (especially compared to Battlefield 1, since they came out in the same year), the Black Ops games have always been some of the more popular Call of Duty games, especially since Treyarch was the studio that gave us the Nazi Zombies game mode in the first place.

Either way, tune in to YouTube tomorrow for the official reveal of Battlefield 5.