These 10 Games Got Banned in Countries for Being Insulting

Movies are not alone as video games also do get banned for being violent and having unfavorable themes. If you don’t know about these video games then don’t worry as today we are going take a look at 10 countries who banned video games for being insulting.

Battlefield 4 
We know it’s shocking but Battlefield 4 was banned in China in 2013 after the release of China Rising DLC based on locations in China which the Chinese government banned by calling out EA for developing content that threatens the country’s national security.

Manhunt 2 
Manhunt 2 made by Rockstar Games was banned in SA, UK, NZ, Ireland, and Germany for obvious reasons including explicit violence, gore, simulated torture and unrelenting focus on brutal slaying. This is why Manhunt 2 was hard to find in other many countries too.

Call Of Duty Black Ops
Call Of Duty Black Ops was banned in Pakistan for showing the country as a place full of terrorism. The game also showed the country’s prime intelligence agency working and supporting Al Qaeda and jihadi organizations.

This is not all, Do check our video below to know about the other countries who banned video games for being insulting.