The Last of Us Part 2 Teased By Director Ahead Of E3

The Last Of Us is without a doubt Sony’s one of the most acclaimed exclusives and one of the games everyone is looking forward to seeing at E3 next month, is The Last of Us 2. Sony has confirmed that The Last Of Us 2 will be present at E3 and we are expecting to see actual gameplay footage.

Neil Druckmann, the developer of the game sent out a Tweet teasing its fans with an image and the caption –  “T-Minus 3 Weeks. #E3 2018,” which is referring to the upcoming big event where The Last Of Us 2 will appear.

A similar caption was used by Hideo Kojima when he teased Death Stranding.

The image shown in the Tweet is taken from the PlayStation Experience Reveal Trailer released back in December of 2016. The image shows an abandoned street in a forest with a broken vehicle and a warning sign with the symbol of fireflies.

Other than this image there wasn’t much revealed so we can expect our wishes to be answered next month on E3.

As for the game, Troy Baker (Joel in The Last of Us) and Nolan North (David in The Last of Us and Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series) recently had the chance to playtest Last Of Us and they were as happy as we were when we heard about the game the first time.

Baker said that it’s a fantastic story, it’s a fantastic game and it’s looking awesome. Which tells us we are going to get another breathtaking exclusive by Sony which it is known for and after the success of God Of War staying on top for the fifth consecutive week we are more than excited what they have in stores for us.

There are also rumors that The Last Of Us 2 is releasing this year according to the official PlayStation Sweden Facebook page.

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