Overwatch New Deathmatch Map Called Petra Shown In Trailer

It’s been two years since Overwatch came out changing our gaming lives and still, Blizzard is bringing new content to the game as we get closer to the game’s anniversary on May 24. With that said now are getting a map called Petra for the deathmatch mode and there’s a trailer showcasing what’s it about.

Blizzard has something to say about the trailer as well:

A group of archaeologists have begun an excavation and preservation project among the ruins of Petra, a new Deathmatch map that puts all heroes on their own, facing off against one another until one hero scores enough eliminations to win the match.

Take in Petra’s majestic views, from high vistas to twisting passageways and deep caverns. Travel along deadly cliffs, but be careful to not fall off! A dilapidated bridge stretches across the map, and the ground underneath it can crumble away to reveal a lethal pit. Hopping on a green jump pad will boost you up to Petra’s higher levels and unlock new strategic possibilities for you. . . .

This all is not just for the upcoming birthday of the game as the game director Jeff Kaplan, in the recent developer notebook, announced that Overwatch has surpassed 40 million players across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Blizzard has also unveiled two new skins for Tracer and Soldier: 76. Tracer- Eclair has a fluorescent yellow outfit and an Iroquois crest, while Soldier: 76- Venom is light blue with a cobra in the back.

Though we are talking about bringing content to the game recently Blizzard revealed that they might kill an Overwatch hero in the future but it will be still playable which made some fans worry about their favorite heroes from the game.

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