Kojima Says Only Vogt-Roberts Could Be The Metal Gear Solid Movie Director

Hideo Kojima has said that he approves of the choice of movie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts as the Metal Gear Solid movie director, according to the man himself. Kojima wrote an introduction to the Japanese version of Vogt-Roberts’s movie Kings of Summer, but he apparently likes all of his work enough.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has only directed three films: Kings of Summer, Nick Offerman: American Ham, and Kong: Skull Island. All three of those films have gotten fairly positive reviews from critics, and Kong was only made more popular with the fact that it ties into the new Godzilla timeline that started back in 2013.

Considering that Hideo Kojima is already a film buff, with all of the Metal Gear Solid movies being shot like action movies in their cutscenes, it makes sense that he bets that a director that he likes would be used to direct the series’s first movie. Vogt-Roberts has also expressed that he’s a fan of the games, so we can likely count on him being able to treat the series with the sort of love and respect that a fan would as the Metal Gear Solid movie director.

Any director adapting Metal Gear Solid to the big screen is in for a challenge. A great deal of plot exposition is done via the Codec system, not to mention the various background conversations you can have with each character that tells you about the geopolitics happening around that time in the game. The games also have a fairly even brand of both drama and utter absurdity, so there’s a fine line that Vogt-Roberts has to walk.

However, him walking that fine line and doing it very well is what has allowed Kojima to think that he’s the best possible Metal Gear Solid movie director. Hopefully, whenever the Metal Gear Solid movie comes out, Vogt-Roberts will have helped it to break the stereotype that video game movies are bad.