Intel Coffee Lake 8 Core 16 Thread CPU Engineering Sample Spotted In Data Base

Intel Coffee Lake 8 core CPUs have been rumored for some time now and we have yet another entry in the Sisoftware database. According to the leak, the base clock is very low at 2.6 GHz but it is very likely that this is an engineering sample and early one. Having that said you should take the numbers included here with a grain of salt as the final specifications could be different and clock speeds could be higher.

The boost clock of the CPU has not been mentioned but keeping in mind that the base clock is pretty low I am sure that the boost clock of the Intel Coffee Lake CPU is not too impressive either. This could be the payoff of having 2 additional cores and that Intel is still tweaking but you can expect to see more than 3 GHz base and a boost clock around the 4 GHz mark which is pretty normal for a modern day CPU.

Even the 8 core AMD Ryzen 2700X is able to reach these numbers with ease. You can check out the entry below:

The Intel Coffee Lake CPU comes with 16 MB of L3 cache. This will be the first CPU in the mainstream series that has 8 cores and 16 threads, which is a good thing but some would say that Intel is pretty late to the game when it comes to core and threads count. AMD Ryzen has been offering the same for more than a year now and AMD has now released a refresh of the first CPUs.

Having that said, you might think that the adoption of these CPUs will not be too high as there are plenty of people that have already jumped ship and switched to AMD in order to gain the advantage of the higher core count the value proposition that AMD has to offer. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su:

“Our goal is to make sure that we provide step-function improvements for our customers. If you look at our Ryzen product line, for example, at every price point we offer more threads, more multithreaded performance.”

If you think about it, this is true. The number of cores and threads that you get for the money is pretty competitive when you compare pricing between AMD and Intel. Right now Intel does not offer more than 6 cores in the mainstream series of CPUs and if you want to get more then you will need to pay a huge premium and get a rather expensive enthusiast motherboard.

let us know what you think about Intel Coffee Lake 8 core CPUs coming and whether or not this is something that you are interested in getting.