Hi-Rez Overwatch Plagiarism Draws Apology From Paladin Developers

Hi-Rez Overwatch plagiarism has drawn an apology from the studio now that the secret’s out, and the studio actually has an explanation for what caused the situation to happen. According to the Paladins developer, the fault doesn’t lie with the actual studio but an outsourced art studio, which isn’t surprising.

The plagiarism in the art isn’t really that noticeable, at least at first: it shows a Paladins character in front of a city backdrop, which is blurred out so much as to almost be unrecognizable. However, by taking out the character and sharpening the city, it appears to be the skyline from a piece of promotional art about Lijang Tower.

While it was apparently just intended to be a backdrop for the Paladins character Lex in a brand new skin, and backgrounds can be complicated for many artists, plagiarism is plagiarism. The explanation that was received for the Hi-Rez Overwatch plagiarism basically extends to the fact that it was an external studio contracted to do art with a minimum of oversight, which apparently led to the incident.

If Hi-Rez had done the art themselves one could imagine that this wouldn’t be happening, but now the studio has to take the fall for it, outsourced studio or no. Fortunately, since then, Hi-Rez has said that they will be taking more care with quality control in the future.

Considering how serious plagiarism is taken in the professional world no matter what medium it’s in, Hi-Rez is lucky that Blizzard seems to have accepted their apology for now. However, if something like this happens again, who knows what might happen, especially if it’s a place that isn’t Blizzard.

Either way, if you want to let bygones be bygones you can try out Paladins on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and MacOS right now.