Fireteam Raven Has Zero Impact On The Next Halo, Says Brian Jarrard

Fireteam Raven, a cool looking Halo arcade game, was announced recently which made a lot of fans happy but some were worried because they thought they will take resources from the upcoming Halo 6.

Halo community manager Brian Jarrard noticed this and replied to the fans concerned about the next big Halo game on Twitter by saying that Fireteam Raven had zero impact on 343 Industries’ next Halo game.

Jarrard also said:

Halo: Fireteam Raven is built by an external arcade developer. Just like the Halo books or toys aren’t being created _instead of_ the next Halo game. Plenty to go around.’

He also revealed that the fans are eager to hear more about the upcoming game but he is also confused by the blind outrage some Halo fans are expressing over their Fireteam Raven.

Halo 6 has been in rumors for years while 343 Industries hasn’t revealed much information about their project, we can hope that Microsoft answers our long-awaited questions on E3 next month.

The team is surely passionate about Halo and wants to reveal the game when it is ready.

Really, we’re all passionate about Halo … and we want to root for the franchise we love and have always associated with Xbox platforms and keynotes,” he said. “Don’t worry, Halo will have its grand moments again for sure, but it’s actually kind of nice to have a breather and let the team stay heads down working on what’s next that’ll be ready when it’s ready

We also believe that after the huge success of Battle Royale genre, Microsoft could bring battle royale mode to the next Halo which is rumored.

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