Update: ASUS Quietly Kills Its AREZ Brand For AMD GPUs

[UPDATE]: Turns out the Twitter account announcing the death of AREZ Brand is fake as ASUS has noted in a statement to Hardwarezone and the AREZ Brand is still alive and there are no plans to abandon it.

AREZ Brand

Shortly after Nvidia announcing its Geforce Partner Program (GPP), ASUS introduced its AREZ brand specific to AMD GPUs which was more or less a rebranding of the ASUS’s ROG, however, with Nvidia letting go of the GPP program, ASUS has also quietly killed its AREZ Brand.

The GPP required for Nvidia partners to reserve their gaming GPU brands like ASUS’s ROG, for Nvidia GPUs. However, this was met with a severe backlash from the community.

Amidst all of this, ASUS came up with AREZ Brand which was a rebrand of ROG products and was specific to AMD GPUs. With Nvidia dropping GPP, ASUS has also dropped the AREZ brand by officially announcing it at Twitter.

On the other hand, MSI has chosen to stick with its MECH 2 brand for AMD GPUs which might be due to the fact that MECH 2 brand features a new design for AMD GPUs, unlike ASUS AREZ which is just a rebrand of ROG.

Speaking of the GPUs, Nvidia has officially announced its GT 1050 3 GB variant with upgraded specs which are on par with GTX 1050 Ti.

The 2 GB variant of the 1050 features 640 Cuda Cores, 7 Gbps memory speed and a boost clock of 1455 MHz. The 3 GB variant ups these specs with 768 Cuda Cores and 1455 MHz boost clock.

Surprisingly, this 3 GB variant of GTX 1050 features 126 MHz higher boost clock compared to 1050 Ti.

However, that is not the only existing GPU whose new variant has been announced by Nvidia as Nvidia has confirmed the  GTX 1060 based on GP104 GPU.

The GP104 is the same one used in the GTX 1080, 1070 Ti as well as the 1070. Other than that, the specs are identical to the previous variant of GTX 1060. Also, this version of GTX 1060 is exclusive to China.

Also, a Report has been making rounds on the internet suggesting that Nvidia will be rolling out GTX 1180 or GTX 2080 in July 2018.

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