Days Gone Screenshots Leak Ahead Of E3 2018

Days Gone is one of the most promising PlayStation 4 exclusive titles to be released in the future. A few weeks before E3 2018, where the game will most likely be showcased, a bunch of Days Gone screenshots have leaked showing more of its world and the main character.

As the original source of the Days Gone screenshots All Games Delta reveals, they are part of the game’s E3 2018 showcase and they look pretty legit too.

It’s true that you can’t squeeze out much information about Days Gone by just looking at those screenshots. However, you can get some sense as to how beautiful the game is and the amount of detail that has been put into it.

All of the images above are captured from a PlayStation 4 Pro and are in 4K resolution. This is actually as good as Days Gone can get and by the looks of it, it looks amazing.

In several of the Days Gone screenshots, you can see the gang fights in action. There are both close and long range fights with bats and knives as well as sniper rifles.

You can also take a glimpse of a potential encampment, which seems to be safe zones with which you’ll have to forge relationships. There’s a total of five encampments through the world of Days Gone.

In related news, new information about the upcoming zombie survival game indicate that it is going to use all the resources that the PS4 has to offer. According to the developers, Days Gone is pushing the console to its limits, trying to “create something that is best in class for the kind of game”.

Days Gone was supposed to get released this year but is now delayed to 2019. When it finally releases, it will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4. We expect more information about Days Gone to be revealed during E3 2018.