Star Ocean 6 Not In Production, You Will Have To Wait Says Shuichi Kobayashi

Many fans expected the announcement of Star Ocean 6 during the Star Ocean Fes 2018 that took place over the weekend which has come and gone, but it did not happen. During a Star Ocean program live stream at the event, the producer Shuichi Kobayashi made clear and discussed about the future of the franchise.

The last Star Ocean game was Star Ocean 5 which came back in 2016. Shuichi Kobayashi claims to be aware of the wishes of the public about Star Ocean 6 as he said:

“I understand, I know what else everyone would like to hear, but speaking frankly, it’s not that simple to make

If it could be made without tri-Ace, then surely it would possible. But that’s not the case, is it? I’m saying please wait a little longer. Won’t you please wait a little longer?

Please keep faith in us as we continue with Anamnesis. I’ll also do my best. That’s all I can say today, but I believe that everyone’s support will empower us to work hard.”

Kobayashi said that there is no news about it yet and told us that they are not working on it yet. Without Tri-Ace, it would be possible, but this is not the case as it’s not simple to make. He ask everyone to wait again. Afterward Kobayashi continued by stating that the Star Ocean franchise is not dead as evidenced by the success of Star Ocean Anamnesis for mobile devices which released in Japan at the end of 2016.

The latest regular game of the series, Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Star Ocean 5 unfortunately did not meet the success hoped by the publisher which may have forced Square-Enix to review its plans for the future of the brand. As of now it’s confirmed that the Star Ocean 6 is not in development but in the future things could change and the producer was confident about it.

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