Is Shadows Die Twice Bloodborne 2? Lets Find Out

Update: Although this is quite thin in its nature, a rumor has recently surfaced and based on that rumor, Bloodborne 2 seems to have been listed on the official site of Amazon Italy. This rumors took the hype when the link was shared on Reddit. Although it seems like the link has now been removed. Since it is a rumor so take this with a grain of salt. There have been other rumors as well, which seem to suggest that Shadows Die Twice is Bloodborne 2.

Orignal Story:
FromSoftware has been sharing some hints lately regarding their upcoming game, which is assumed to be the next big project since the closure of the cult Dark Soul Series in 2016. As you may know at the moment, we only have a trailer and bundles of rumors and speculations which have us assuming that Shadows Die Twice is Bloodborne 2.

In the last years Game Awards, the trailer of Shadows Die Twice was released. Now those of you who have seen it know that it was a dark trailer filled with bones, blood, and metal which got most of the fans thinking that it could possibly be Bloodborne 2. Considering the fact that this too is a production of FromSoftware.

On the other hand, the trailer was teased by FromSoftware and that is against protocol since Sony Interactive Entertainment Owns the Bloodborne IP and it violates the standard industry protocol to roll out the trailer. Adding to that, the honor to tease or roll out belongs to the publisher and Sony’s name was nowhere near to be seen in the trailer.

Now among various rumors, a user who goes by the name “Omnipotent” claims that the project Shadows Die Twice will be revealed on E3 although which show is a bit unclear. The source also continued and shared that it also not Dark Souls 4 either but they did say of going into the project with an open mind.

Recently a Twitter user who goes by the name Nible claims that FromSorftware has its firm focus set on Shadows Die Twice for E3. He also claims that it is not Bloodbourne 2, in fact, according to him it is not even in development. All this information he has collected from various previous and latest sources. Furthermore, he also said that Shadows Die Twice is not exclusive.

In a Recent interview with IGN, from the software president, has confirmed that the company is working on 3 games at the moment. So there are a lot of things we would need to know before we could say whether Shadows Die Twice is Bloodborne 2 or not.

So while there are multiple more rumors and claims that seem to suggest both the possibilities, it would be too early to say anything. Perhaps E3 will bring some clarity.