You Can Beat Spire of Stars Raid Boss In Destiny 2 Without Using Guns

Just a little while back Destiny 2 fans got their hands on the much awaited Warmind expansion, which also included the latest Spire of Stars Raid. While different guardians are working their best to climb the latest mountain Bungie has added, some managed to beat the Spire of Stars Raid Boss In Destiny 2 without using guns.

You can see in the video provided, courtesy of the Youtuber Gigz. Destiny 2 fans can know and have an idea of what it looks like when players are determined to not use the firearms and defeat the villain.

The raid team includes; Gigz, Gladd, Indica, Eon, Trem, and Caroline all players banded together against the Cabal baddie with a solid combination of six Hammer Titans, a plethora of grenades and a finely constructed strategy of punching almost everything in sight to beat him. The best part is that they actually succeeded.

Of course, in order to achieve this, this group of players had to have their power levels quite high. Surely there are some fans out their still struggling to just raise their power level as efficiently as possible in order to take on the Stars Raid Boss In Destiny 2.

Considering all the things, Gigz and the rest of the squad no gun run on Val Ca’uor in this raid lair is certainly very impressive. There are still various other limitations which the Guardians can put on themselves to take on the villain.

That said, as you may be aware of the fact that Power Progression has always been an issue in Destiny 2 and even though the Warmind attempted to fix the issue it apparently could not. Although fans can rest assured that this issue will surely be fixed in the next upcoming update.

Let’s hope that they do. Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on taking down Val Ca’uor with a limitation of your own? Let us know in the comments below.