New Death Stranding Trailer Teased for E3 2018

Hideo Kojima is teasing the presence of Death Stranding gameplay trailer at E3 2018.  A recent tease from the legendary developer suggests that new footage is on the editing board right now being prepped for June’s big event.

We know so little about the game but Sony has confirmed already that it will be present at E3 this year. Death Stranding is among the “big four” that will be shown at E3.

Hideo Kojima took to Twitter where he revealed he’s editing the Death Stranding gameplay trailer. Kojima revealed that he is now going to edit in 2K due to the power shortage and the image text reads ”A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME”.

If you look at the bottom of the image above where it shows the file name of the project Kojima is working on, it reads “E3_2018_trailer_edit.”

Death Stranding doesn’t have a release date yet but we expect at least a release window announcement at E3 2018.

According to Norman Reedus, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is a “mind-blowing” concept, Speaking in a recent interview, he stated that the game isn’t about run here and there to kill everything in sight. To him, the concept is unique and highlights some social elements as well.

The game is about connections, as we all know, and according to Reedus Death Stranding is ahead of its time. Parts of it focuses on the millennial culture, culture that is about isolation and lack of physical contact.

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